July 29, 2016

Seven problems you will face in your wedding

If you have completed the part of ‘saying YES’, now it’s time you face some of the parts of this wedding thing not that exciting and, to be very honest, easy. People around you make you feel relax by saying that how hard the wedding arrangement can be. It is hard and probably the biggest mess that you have to plan to the perfect level. So, you know by now that there are some certain things no one tells you about a wedding unless you face them. Let us tell you some of these things nobody utter:

Exact expenditure: It is your wedding and you have no idea about the cost of a wedding. Not to scare you, but it is safe to know before you start your preparation that everything will cost near about double to what people tell you.

Planning a wedding: Have you ever planned any wedding before? If the answer is positive, then how can you just take the risk of your own wedding. This is going to be tougher than you can imagine. Take help from a wedding planner or someone expert in this field.

Going shopping:  For all these years, shopping has been a fun thing to enjoy. Not anymore when you need to decide your wedding dress or gown (probably have no previous idea!) all on a sudden and dresses for bridesmaid, flower girl and some other special people. All the dresses need to be in the perfect size. Complementary colors with your wedding theme are necessary as well to give a perfect finish. Take a deep breath.

Invitations and parties:  Suddenly you are inviting people for parties without even having a proper plan of wedding. All the people are like asking to be a guest and come on, they are friends, or friends of friends. (Or wait a minute, who is he?). Stop inviting all of the known or unknown faces that ask you to be a guest. It’s hard, I mean, everything is.


Confusing colors and themes: You suddenly become a designer of your wedding theme. You choose a color and then another and cancel both. Planning a wedding theme is not like buying matching accessories (can be tough at times!) or bridal shoes. Even your family members start acting like inventing some new ideas for your wedding. There are some jobs you can leave for the professionals.


New wedding terminology for every wedding: You will be wondered how creative people you have around you when it comes to plan for wedding breakfast or lunch and dinner or pre-wedding parties or rehearsal party (!) or let us stop here. You will be hearing new terms and conditions of wedding and finally get trapped by the wedding politics.

Satisfying everyone: You will be questioned about all the things, no matter right or wrong, they need to get answers. Why do you plan this? Why didn’t you plan this? Who is invited ‘why’? Who is not invited ‘why’? Take a break. Remember you cannot satisfy all the people related to your wedding. Someone has to get hurt, no matter how hard you try.

You must have exhausted by now. These are some of the problems you may need to deal with in your wedding. Forget about the people, just put yourself in your white gown and say ‘YES’ once again.

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