May 25, 2016

How to Prepare for a Perfect Wedding

Preparing for your special day requires a lot of careful planning, there are many tasks that need to be tended to. We have laid out some important tips for you to consider so that you do not forget anything and make sure your special day yields the most perfect wedding.
The highlight is the bridal dress of course! Your wedding is your magical day and your wedding dress is going to be a substantial investment, make sure you check out all the bridal stores around you including online retailers to find the perfect dress that suits all your needs. A common theme is to go for a white dress with crystal elements embedded with elegance. The groom needs to look for an amazing tuxedo, preferably black coloured for his occasion. These customs also tend to vary based on culture as well with oriental cultures preferring a different attire based on the climate they live in.

Another couple of components that go along with the dress are the tiara, the shoes and even the bridal garter. A garter is a small ribbon that the bride wears around her thigh and it is custom for the groom to remove it or cut it and throw it into the audience. The key point here is that during your preparation you need to try on these clothes. In line with your own attire. Bridesmaid dresses are another important part. The characteristics you are looking for in these, is that they will complement the wedding dress in terms of colour but not outshine the main dress with its crystal elements and embroidery.

An increasing trend for men in particular and best mates is to rent their dress. There are many online retailers who offer this service. Moving aside from attire, the next important thing is the venue. This needs to be magical to match the occasion, a vineyard, or a villa by the beach would be a suggestion. Arranging the decoration, picking the flowers and the service providers need to be done months ahead to avoid any mishap. Amongst these services are caterers, guests can definitely not go hungry during the occasion so make sure you find a top notch catering service that mirrors the venue. A beach wedding with traditional food might not work well.

So far we have dealt with many tangible elements to a wedding but there are several intangibles also. The most important of all could be learning how to dance. In many cultures it is a custom for the bride and groom to celebrate their union by dancing in front of all the guests. They both need to make sure they buy the right shoes and take lessons.

Lastly, you need to capture every minute of this event so consider hiring a professional photographer. You can also use a friend or a relative but it might be quite easy for them to socialize and in all fairness, just plain hard to be at multiple places at once. Try to hire a professional videographer or photographer so that you may cherish every minute and even have the luxury of showing your children this great day.

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