August 2, 2016

Hair Combs for Brides

If you should find bridal hair accessories like the bridal tiaras and head bands either comfortable or expensive, the next best thing to these would be the hair combs. These combs are ornaments for the bride’s hair that will make her look beautiful and radiant among other women on her wedding day.

Like the bridal tiaras, some of these hair combs are embellished with Swarovski crystals or stones. Others would have pearls in them. Then there are some with rhinestones. These may not be as expensive as diamonds but they can bring shine and radiance to any bride who would wear them during the wedding.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Hair Combs

Hair combs for weddings are different from the ones women use every day. These combs are made especially for important life events like weddings. There are, however, combs of this kind with different designs. It is easy to get confused with which of these combs you’ll use on your wedding day. Some elaborate combs may be perfect for your dress and there may be some that are simple enough to complement any dress you may put on for your wedding.

When it comes to choosing the hair right comb for the wedding, you need to make sure that its design complements your dress, shoes, hairstyle and your other accessories. Your fairy tale wedding should happen when everything comes together well beginning with how you look on your wedding day.

The hair combs with simple designs would fit brides who are into the minimalist trend. If you are among those who would like to keep things simple including your wedding dress then your hair comb should not look too gaudy. It might offset the way you have styled yourself. If you need to make a statement because you think that your wedding dress, hairstyle, shoes and accessories are too simple for the wedding ceremony and celebrations, you can choose the combs with the more elaborate designs.

Choose the bridal combs for the hair that are durable, too. Although you would only wear this comb once, you’ll want to treasure this all your life. It is a good memento of your wedding to look into when you’d like to remember the past. If it is still in good condition, you can have your daughter or granddaughter wear it in the future when her turn to get married comes.

Vintage Hair Combs as Heirlooms

Vintage hair combs do exist. One of them may be owned and treasured by your mother, your aunt or better yet, your grandmother. These combs are perfect complement to any simple wedding dress if you want a simple wedding ceremony and celebration with family and friends.

These heirlooms are precious because they are handed from one generation to another to wear on the day of the wedding. Such things are timeless in terms of design or style as well. If you choose to carry the tradition onward and use these hair combs on your wedding day then you can save yourself from spending money on a new one.

It’s not too late to start your own tradition of wearing hair combs to weddings. You can buy yourself a new one that is durable as it is beautiful to look at. After your wedding day, you can place this hairpiece in its container. You can dig it up later and give it to your daughter or granddaughter when they get married in the future. This hair comb is the best thing you can give the women in your family along with the dress you wore for your own wedding.

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