December 12, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about Peruvian Hair Extensions

Looking for the best multi-purpose hair, look no further Peruvian all natural hair extensions is exactly what you need if you want to add some elegance to your looks.

The most sought after hair because of its versatility. Peruvian Hair extensions that can be used in different ways make life so much easier.

Peruvian Hair Origins

Peruvian hair is all natural virgin hair that originates from the villages in Peru. Virgin hair simply means hair that has no chemicals used on it and hair remains in its natural form. This hair is rather coarse and much thicker and adds tons of volume to the person using the hair extension. Peruvian hair can be straightened or curled with a hot iron and no damage will come to the hair. And when attached properly to one’s natural hair the results are outstanding.

Some styles that go with Peruvian hair extensions are the deep full head curl or the messy bun look. The hair extensions colours are basic from dark browns to light browns and black. But it can be changed to you preference without any added damage to the hair extensions.

How much should I be Paying?

Peruvian hair is pricy because the hair extensions last for years, so you definitely getting your money’s worth. Peruvian hair extension prices go according to the length you want.

Like every hair extensions there has to be a downside and that is cuticles get damaged with time especially if hair is not taken care of or the hair tangles. And with Peruvian hair a particular hair brush designed especially for this hair type must be used. Peruvian hair becomes more curly when wet, so not good for those wanting the straight haired wet look.

The Upside to Peruvian Hair Extensions

The upside is that because it’s all natural hair not much maintenance is needed for these extensions. And with more washes to the Peruvian hair extensions you get an even more natural look. If you curl your hair the curls don’t drop and not fancy products are needed to keep this particular style. If taken care of this hair lasts for a very long time.

We all want that glamorous hairdo but when it comes to hair extensions remember always to take care of those extensions and always good to do some research before making your choice.

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