June 2, 2016

Be a Princess on Your Wedding

Are you ready for your big day? After all the stress and responsibilities, a girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding day. If you are dreaming to be the most beautiful bride on your very big day, you have to be strategic. Take a lot of time for planning. Even simpler things go wrong in a rush planning. You don’t want to be a mess for sure. So, let’s plan all the special things to make your dream day more perfect and flawless.

Maintain your health routine

You surely do not want to be sick or out of shape in your wedding day. Start maintaining from a health routine, working on weight issues and stay fit. Plan to maintain a diet chart or exercise routine five or six months before your wedding. Follow the consultation of a good physician, make right choices about food, practice a daily routine of exercises and enjoy the magical change to your body. Don’t just think of losing weight too much if you are healthy as it only increases pressure and stress that can ruin all the efforts. We are talking about being your best physical self, not to be in any beauty competition.

Your skin needs you

This is the time when you need your dermatologist as soon as possible. One or two month’s intense care of your skin will make you glow. Start taking care, go for facials, and keep your skin fresh. Drinking a lot of water, eating healthy food, 10-15 minutes caring before you go to bed can really help a lot. Make a routine and follow it.

Imagine your desired bridal look and go for it

How do you want to look for your big day? Plan everything you want to wear and make a list. Don’t wait to rush before one or two days of wedding. Select your wedding dress, what to wear as accessories, artist for makeup and every important thing you will be needed that day. Decide where to place your order for white bridal gowns, dazzling accessories with amazing bridalshoes and go for them. You can also look if there’s any sale going on so you can save some wallet. A perfect makeup is that one key that will turn you into a perfect bride. Select your makeup artist carefully and go for a trial as you surely don’t want to look something unusual in an overdone makeup.

Don’t forget your suppliers

Some people in your wedding are as much important as your wedding or bridegroom (that’s so true!). They are the suppliers for your venues, caterer, decorators or wedding planners. Contact them as early as possible so you might get a discount and do not messed up your wedding in a rush.

Try to act like a perfect bride

Minor accidents happen in all weddings. Take these lightly and handle them with maturity. You surely don’t want somebody to take a picture where you’re yelling at somebody. Understand and utter the final words ‘I do’, go for a dance and feel it with your beloved bridegroom. Throw your flower bouquet to one of your favorite bridesmaids who has recently gone through a breakup. Try to meet everyone with a smiling face even if you don’t like.

With all the excitements and responsibilities, most brides forget to take care of their own. Look pretty in your beautiful white gown, plan sensibly and enjoy the most beautiful journey starting with your wedding day.

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