June 17, 2016

A Visit to New York

What an amazing and exciting city and no wonder why in the top of traveler’s list– New York City or ‘The Big Apple’ is the core attraction of people around the world. Life here is too much fun with a fast pace culture. Starting from their culture to their entertainment– what this city doesn’t have is a tough question to answer. Visitors get amazed with their art galleries, museums and theaters that not only exhibit their culture but also provide a chance of intimidation with the city to their visitors.

Ask any New Yorkers about the fun side of the city and they will proudly reply about being the resident of the only New York in the world. From nightclub to restaurants, from museum to beaches– New York has everything to offer their visitors. Go to Szechuan Gourmet or lox at Russ & Daughters and have some awesome food. New York’s restaurants are world famous and offer a variety of food menu for the people around the world. Restaurants from around the world set their standard by following some of the best city restaurants here.

Starting your artistic journey from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Whitney Museum of Modern Art and The Museum of Modern Art, your days will be too short to finish enjoying the world-class drawings, art and sculpture — not to mention the statue of liberty that is the heart of attraction of the visitors here.

New York is a city that never actually sleeps. Nights are more exciting and colorful here. Colorful events and shows and concerts by some of the top bands and musicians and jazz artists keep the nights young. When in New York, every day there’s a grand event or occasion. If you are lucky enough, you may get the chance of enjoying Lunar New Year Parade and Festivals that is five-day long.

If you cannot find anything, assume it even doesn’t exist in the world– this one line describe it all about shopping in New York. People around the world flock together in fall and early winter only to shop. Whether it is Macy’s or 5th Avenue, all the shopaholic find their ultimate destination here in New York. Thrilling designs of the world’s top fashion designers and jewelry treasure– all dreams come true in one visit of this hip-hop city.

Grab your skateboard and go for ice skating with the ice rinks of Manhattan and burn some calorie. One of the remarkable is The Rink at Rockfeller Centre that allows you to enjoy the scenic beauty of rock hills and trees surrounding the rink.

You won’t get enough of this city, ever! New York has no limit when it comes to fun and excitements. With the world’s highest skyscrapers, vibrant nightlife, incredible dining experience, this most populous city of the United States offer the visitor an unlimited resource of happiness.

It is quite impossible to enjoy even a part of New York within a limited time as fun never seems to end here. Thrilling street life, lights of Times Square and the skyscrapers make a great combination to present a powerful sense of excitements to their visitors. However, this is the best option when you are looking for an exciting holiday or make some lifetime memories.

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